Man, oh man.
I am so excited! Seriously. I can't stop smiling.
So, I happened upon the website, more love letters.
There mission is simple: to make love famous!!

(these love letters are being mailed off to Canada!)

I can not tell you how amazing this concept is and that people all over the world will sit down, think of a complete stranger, and write them an encouraging and uplifting letter. The world needs this more than ever. This might seem so small but gosh, my heart is so full with hope!!

I can't believe how simple a love letter is and what a difference it can make in someone's life. Life is filled with us walking through the deepest valleys and climbing to the highest mountaintops. I know there have been times in my life that something like this would have meant EVERYTHING to me.

I've been reading a lot on being a creative soul and the "magic" that comes with doing the thing you love most. I'm still knee deep in it, but this magnificent idea just keeps itching at the back corner of my mind.

I have often told others that I feel I was given the gift of encouragement. Which, to be honest, I used to think it wasn't that big of a deal. I didn't have a cool gift. However, the older I get the more I realize that not to be true. Encouragement is so vital to human growth.


Here we go!

  • Eden Darling Lettering will be sending out LOVE LETTERS!!!!!!! 

How it will work:

  • It will probably be on a much smaller scale than the more love letters website, which is fine. (Who knows if it will even really pick up at all...)
  • If you know of someone who needs a bit of encouragement, positive vibes, kindness, to know they are worthy, or not alone, (etc) please email me with their name, what is going on in their life, and whether scripture would be okay to include in the letter.
  • Also, if you are someone who would like to contribute by writing your own letter for someone you know (or a complete stranger) let me know that! The more letters, the more love to spread! (PS. This may also include artwork that includes encouraging words to the recipient(s).)
  • Oh, and be sure to include their address, please!!


much love,

PS. If you don't want to do it through emailing me then please check out the more love letters website. Just spread the love, I don't care how you do it!


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

There are just those books that you are drawn to. 
That just get you from the very start. 
Elizabeth Gilberts book, BIG MAGIC, is just that for me. 
I have only read the sample online, but I AM BLOWN AWAY. 
It is so freaking good, people!!
Every page just gets better and more accurate. 

You should, too.
Then we can read it together.
We could call it a book club?
Yeah, let's do that.

That is all.
Okay, bye. 


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Etsy has ALL the things! I can't even deal with it. I'm constantly "liking" items and I have a cart full of 99 items (because you can't go over that) of things I'll probably never be able to purchase. So, I thought what would be better than to share some of the items I "need" from my favorite online store. Without further ado:

I want this ceramic cactus for my new office space at work.

How could you not want a 'Golden Girls' print?

bear blanket for O would be nice.

When you work in any type off office it is only appropriate to have a print to remind you who you are most like depending on your mood.

Basically ANYTHING of Nan Lawson's work would be accepted!

I feel like this superhero kid print would be fantastic in O's room.

A custom personal portrait avatar for my blog + social media sites.

A self-adhesive removal wallpaper that comes in a watercolor cactus design.

Custom illustrated family portrait to hang up ... to make us more animated than we already are! ;)

Mountain book ends for the books I'll never get around to reading.

A coffee embroidered hoop would look so lovely on my wall.


PS. There are obviously a TON more, but thought I should spare you all ... or you would be here all week. Thanks so much for looking.

E to the T to the S to the Y, forever!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

A name is important to me. It says a lot about a person (to me, at least).
I feel like some effort should actually go into it from the parents.
Don't just give a baby just any ole name.
I feel like you should invest some time and thought into it.
I find it so interesting when there is a back story to someone's name.

Anyway, moving on. I love making baby/kid prints! I have recently done a few that are very simplistic and modern. Take a look:

The first one I made for my best friend before the birth of her second child.

She has now given birth to him since then. He is named after Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird and poet, Oscar Wilde. He is too sweet and the easiest baby EVER.

This second one is a set of two prints. They are for an old friend I knew in high school. She is due to have her second baby, Soren (which is Scandinavian name), in just a few weeks. The other print is for her first son, Ayden.

I definitely plan to do more. I love knowing my lettering will be a treasure for them to hold onto (or possibly throw away one day if they don't think it is all that cool! Ha!).


**If you are interested in a baby or kid print, please feel free to e-mail at my lettering account:

Baby + Kid prints

Friday, January 13, 2017


You bastard.
Why must you even exist?

You probably know my mom and I have had a bit of a rough relationship the past couple of months.
For reasons not needing to be stated here.
However, she asked if she could call me last night.
She says, "I have cancer again."

I didn't say anything for a second (unlike the first time where I broke down in tears and kept saying, "I don't want you to die.")
Is this a cruel joke? Are you laughing?
As I'm sure you know it is in her lymph nodes this time (neck and chest).

How long will you stay this time?
You must relish in patients suffering through chemotherapy and dealing with issues from previous radiation treatments.

I feel you must be in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and everything in between.
Will we ever be rid of you?
Honestly, even if we never are this isn't how her story has to end.

We (family and friends) will do all that we can to make sure you are beat down, and weak, and too scared to stay. You are vicious and so cruel, yet there is still hope. I believe in it. You can't take that away from me.

Not sincerely,

There is no 'Dear' when talking to cancer.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

I thought maybe I could stop.
I didn't really NEED the medicine.
That I had gotten "better" and the stress and anxious thoughts would not be as bad.
That the continuous spinning of the record player in my mind when somehow come to an altering stop.

One week later...

I was so moody, so stressed, so frustrated, and worried.
I called the nurse at my doctor's office.
I explained to her that I just couldn't do it. I needed the medicine.
I'll never forget her response.

"Well, I know it is hard. It is a disease, after all." 

I guess I knew that, you know? I have GAD (general anxiety disorder), but it wasn't until that moment that I realized I couldn't function normally without being on medication. That reality slapped me right in the face. 

That all happened a little over two years ago.

Over the past few weeks it has tried to rear its ugly head at me. It does that from time to time.
It is beyond frustrating. I'll have those small moments of whether I said the right thing, did I say it correctly, did I say something that irritated someone. I try my hardest not to let those emotions be visible. For those that don't know me well, they might see it in the wrong light or maybe not. I really don't know for sure.

In some ways, I often worry about how people will view me, primarily associated to my anxiety. I don't want their judgement. Yet, I am reminded that I am far too often judgmental towards others (I mean frankly, I like most people, but a lot of people annoy me, as well. The struggle is real.). However, I'm often reminded of what wise Atticus said to young Scout:

Life is already tough enough at times. There isn't any reason to had more to the mix, ya feel me?
Let me leave you with this:

Anxiety is a liar.
Judgement is a jerk.
So, remember to be kinder to yourself and to others.
I'm still working on both.


It starts with an 'A' and ends with a liar.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

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