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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Etsy has ALL the things! I can't even deal with it. I'm constantly "liking" items and I have a cart full of 99 items (because you can't go over that) of things I'll probably never be able to purchase. So, I thought what would be better than to share some of the items I "need" from my favorite online store. Without further ado:

I want this ceramic cactus for my new office space at work.

How could you not want a 'Golden Girls' print?

bear blanket for O would be nice.

When you work in any type off office it is only appropriate to have a print to remind you who you are most like depending on your mood.

Basically ANYTHING of Nan Lawson's work would be accepted!

I feel like this superhero kid print would be fantastic in O's room.

A custom personal portrait avatar for my blog + social media sites.

A self-adhesive removal wallpaper that comes in a watercolor cactus design.

Custom illustrated family portrait to hang up ... to make us more animated than we already are! ;)

Mountain book ends for the books I'll never get around to reading.

A coffee embroidered hoop would look so lovely on my wall.


PS. There are obviously a TON more, but thought I should spare you all ... or you would be here all week. Thanks so much for looking.

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